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Article: Where to buy liturgical vestments?

Where to buy liturgical vestments?

Where to buy liturgical vestments?

Liturgical vestments are garments worn by the clergy during the ceremonies of church services, especially the celebration of the Mass. How has the liturgical vestment for a priest evolved? What do the colors mean? Where to buy liturgical vestments? Check it out in our article!

Evolution of liturgical vestments

Four main eras can be distinguished in the evolution of priestly garb. The first refers to the time before Constantine. In terms of form and ornamentation, priestly garb was not yet different from that of a secular dignitary. In ecclesiastical offices, ordinary clothing was worn. The second phase covers the years roughly from the 4th to the 9th century. This is the most important period in the history of liturgical vestments. This era produced the priestly garment in a specific sense and set the pattern of the current liturgical vestment for the priest. During this period:

  • finally separated the vestments worn in liturgical rites from any non-liturgical garments used in everyday life
  • the particular attributes of the garment were established
  • distinctive elements were introduced

The third era, which lasted from the ninth to the thirteenth century, completed the creation of priestly vestments in Western Europe. The chasuble, stole and maniple were no longer worn by acolytes. The tunic became the normal garment of deacons. The chasuble became an exclusive garment worn during Mass, as did liturgical caps. Another newer vestment is the surplice, which first appeared in the 11th century and gradually began to supplant the alb. From the 13th century to the present is the development of vestments into their current shape. Embroideries and ornaments appeared. In general, the fourth period, leaned towards greater material richness and ornamentation, but also towards greater comfort, which results in the ever-increasing shortening and fitting of liturgical vestments to the figure.

Colors of liturgical vestments

Liturgical vestments during services and sacred vestments used by priests differ in color and have a well-defined symbolic meaning. The color scheme of the liturgical vestments refers to the moment in the liturgical year and the feast or festival currently being celebrated. Four liturgical colors are used: white, green, red and purple. In addition, there are other colors such as pink, light blue, gold and black, used in liturgical vestments only for special occasions or as an alternative to the canonical colors. White symbolizes joy and purity resulting from faith. It is one of the most common colors in liturgical vestments that are used daily by priests. It also symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. After white, the most common color used at Sunday Masses and on weekdays outside of specific holidays is green - a symbol of hope, perseverance and constant listening. It accompanies the daily journey of priests and the faithful who turn to them. The color purple is associated with penance, expectation and mourning. It is especially used during Advent and Lent. Purple liturgical vestments characterize the Mass for the dead and can be replaced by black vestments. Red symbolizes the passion of Christ and the martyrdom blood shed by Him. It is used for liturgical vestments on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Pentecost, the celebration of the Passion of Christ, the feasts of the Apostles, Evangelists and Holy Martyrs. Blue is used in celebrations in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pink signifies joy.

Where to buy liturgical vestments?

Liturgical vestments are an obligatory part of every priest's attire. They symbolize his majesty and allow him to fulfill his priestly duties. They should be elegant and of high quality. You can find such liturgical clothing in the store. It offers a wide range of colors and rich designs. In the store you will find liturgical vestments for all ceremonies and feasts occurring in the church calendar. Embroidery liturgical vestments are the perfect gift for a priest's birthday, anniversary of priestly service or primacy. The artfully crafted liturgical vestments will give the appropriate stature to any church event.

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